Sunday, July 27, 2008

Photo Hunters: Hanging.....Abby's new pet!

Meet Coconut. Abby brought him/her (snails are either, lol) home on Thursday. We shall see how it goes. "I" am having fun learning what to feed them. SHE...we are calling her a she...likes banananas best.


kaycee said...

Hi Rho, I really love Coconut! & your pics are just great =)

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. And also to answer your question:

A blog-tag don’t is like a game. But it has a few rules.
First you have to link to your tagger and post the rules of your tag (if there are any). Then answer the questions. Some are just weird or a bit random. Then when your happy, you have to tag other blogger for the game to continue. You do this by leaving their name (& links) at the end of your post.
Then lastly, you leave them a message on their blog to let them know that you tagged them!

Hope this helps! =)

Rho said...

Thanks, Kaycee! Explains it! :)